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We offer every service you will ever need to maintain your pond!

Here at Swimming Flowers Fishery, we prioritise health. For that reason, your pond environment will be evaluated with each visit at no additional cost. Options will be provided to enhance the health and aesthetic of the pond, including reducing the level of maintenance. The fish and plants will be evaluated every visit to maintain optimal health, and any necessary treatments will be offered.  If you need any guidance, please send us a message!


We offer required maintenance pertinent to the demands of your bio-system and pond needs, e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.



  • Water perimeters are checked and monitored 

  • Water is treated to support a healthy environment 

  • We carry out FREE water testing on-site, so bring a sample of your pond water next time you visit our store!

Each Spring it is important to open up your pond with a clean and fresh start after a long winter season. Our services will help your pond sustain a healthy water quality for all aquatic life for you to enjoy all season long 


This service is perfect for cleaning up your pond after winter. With a thorough clean using the most advanced industrial equipment, inspection and reinstallation of filter and UV light, a water assessment and health checks for your fish and plants - along with any necessary treatments, your pond will be ready to flourish all season long!

  • Removing fish and holding in a safe environment 

  • Full cleaning - power washing and vacuuming 

  • Removal of leaves and debris

  • Filter & UV reinstallation (all equipment, including gaskets, inspected and cleaned to be operational)

  • Water Quality Assessment - water testing, treatment, fish kept in holding tanks and prepped to safely transition into their new clean environment. 

  • All plants are cleaned and cleared of dead leaves and debris to ease new growth

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This service is important for ensuring the preservation and health of your pond during autumn and winter. Before the leaves start to fall, we install netting to prevent leaves and debris from falling into the pond. Without this, leaves are left to fall in they will decay over the hibernation period which will cause spikes in ammonia and nitrate, resulting in disruption to the water quality. The pond is set up to thrive through the winter months with an aeration pump and a light clean.  We shut down pond systems and pack away UV lights into dry storage. Waterfalls are turned off to avoid chilling the pond and the plants are cut back to maintain their health.

  • Pond net installation. 

  • Winter shut down of pond systems

  • Waterfalls are turned off 

  • Plumbing lines are drained and aeration is set up

  • Shut down UV lights (disconnected, cleaned and put in storage with waterfall pump to preserve the light of the unit)

  • Aeration pump installed for the winter months 

  • Pond has a thorough light cleaning to avoid spikes in ammonia and nitrates during the hibernation period

  • Plants are cut back and lowered to a deeper depth when possible


  • Fish and plants are evaluated for ailments, diseases and parasites every visit.

  • Courses and treatments will be recommended and services will be provided, including an on-site medical tank to avoid the fish leaving the property

  • Plants will be cut back, pruned fertilised and repotted. Repotting into a more technical container to enhance the plants blooming and growth. The media we use does not support algae growth.

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